Fumigation/Safety precautions


Magnesium phosphine is the active agent in the fumigant plates. Fumigant plates are usually used for fumigating goods in containers, transported from one country to another. The plates imbibe the necessary amount of humidity in order to emit a lethal amount of phosphine to perform pest control.



Fumigant granules are produced with two different active agents – Aluminium phosphine and Magnesium phosphine.




Tables like granules are produced with two different active agents -Aluminium phosphine and Magnesium phosphine. The only difference of tablets and granules is that a tablet weighs 1g and a granule 0.6g.



If fumigation is performed, the object has to be labelled with warning signs, which should include in addition to this photo also the following text: fumigation period (beginning-end), used fumigant (active agent), company’s name and people responsible together with their contact data.




In addition to warning signs, the entrances of the fumigated object have to be marked with safety tape.




Safety precautions:
Never allow people/employees without special training to use fumigants
Fumigation is never performed alone; fumigation is always performed by two people
Fumigators should wear protective equipment
Never open fumigants in a place which is flammable
Avoid contact with water
Inform corresponding authorities before fumigation (Rescue Board)
Ventilate the rooms and measure the residual concentration before using the rooms again
It is strictly forbidden to stay in the fumigated rooms
The fumigated building has to be marked with warning signs

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