Mice and rats

Rats and mice cause huge damage all over the world by eating and spoiling foodstuff. The strength of the rodent’s teeth is unbelievable and the species are characterised by a permanent need to chew something. Therefore, they are able to gnaw even concrete, soft metals, electric wires and a variety of other materials and items, although they cannot consume it as food, they cause material damage to human beings.

- Control should be initiated when the first necessity occurs, because rodents breed very quickly. One has to take care of the problem especially in autumn and winter.
- Baiting is placed near nestling holes or nearby, in corners and by the wall, on their movement tracks and places where rodents are spotted.
- Baiting must be in cups or special baiting boxes.
- Baiting sites are monitored once a month.
- Baiting sites have to be numbered so that when checking none of them is forgotten.
- As the control measures involve poisonous substances and control measures involve corresponding skills, precautions and care, rodent control should better be ordered from a special company.

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