Faminer OÜ has provided pest control services in Estonian since 1998. Faminer OÜ has a long-term experience in the area of pest control.

The goal of Faminer OÜ is to eradicate you from problems caused by various pests. It is important to prevent problems and guarantee smooth and continuous operation.

Cockroaches have existed on the Earth for 300 million years. Rats and mice have been pestering the mankind throughout history. Is the situation that hopeless? Definitely not. It is possible to take control over pests but it requires certain knowledge, technology and equipment.

In enterprises where pests are more widespread, the caused damages are much bigger. At the same time no one can feel safe and the result is infectious contamination, disruption of work, major financial damage and loss of customers. The rule of pests control is simple: do not do it yourself, the situation may even deteriorate. It is very important to know how different pests react to various preparations. Unprofessional measures may increase the risk of polluting the environment and damage your production.

Therefore – leave this job to specialist.

And finally the most important piece of advice: do not let the problem grow, contact us in proper time.

Faminer OÜ offers you, in addition to a one-time pest control contract, also a long-term contract, which is adapted according to your needs and requirements. When you enter into a contract with us, we shall be responsible for pest control. By this you guarantee regular monitoring, a required number of pest control operations and, if necessary, the application of additional measures free of charge.

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