Warehouse disinsectization


Insects cause approximately 10 % of grain crop losses. Insects damage mainly the sprouts, which are the most nutritive parts of the grain. The nutritive value of grain contaminated with insects is lower and it cannot be sold to customers, or if yes, then for a very low price. Therefore, the cheapest method is the yearly preventive insecticide of an empty storehouse before the grain is stored. To guarantee successful insecticide, the rooms have to be clean and dust free.


Photo no.1 Insecticide of storehouses by wet spraying.

After wet insecticide, a hot aerosol generator fills the rooms with a poisonous gas. Hot aerosol generator produces poisonous gas that fills all cracks to treat pests who have hidden into poisonous-free environment. Hot aerosol generator is irreplaceable in eradication of vermin and without its application the pest control would be insufficient.




Insecticide in ship bays in Kunda Port before loading the cargo:

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