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Warehouse disinsection


Grain loss due to insects is approximately 10% of the yield.

Insects mostly damage the germ, which is the most nutritious part of the grain. The nutritional value of grain contaminated with insects is lower, and it is not possible to sell this grain to customers or, if it is sold, not for a suitable price. Therefore, the cheapest method is prophylactic control in an empty warehouse every year before the arrival of new grain. In order to achieve a good result in disinsection, the premises must be cleaned of dust and other debris beforehand.

After wet disinfection with a spray or high-pressure gun, the room is filled with poisonous smoke using a hot aerosol generator. The poisonous smoke produced by the hot aerosol generator penetrates all the cracks, destroying pests that have concealed themselves in the non-toxic environment. A hot aerosol generator is indispensable for disinfestation of warehouses, as without it the work is incomplete.

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