Faminer OÜ has been offering professional pest control services since 1996.

We provide services to both private and commercial customers. We are a member of the Association of Estonian Disinfection and Pest Control Companies. Our employees have long-term work experience and are certified in pest control, wood conservation, disinfection and fumigation.

We are trained and certified by BM Seminar & Consulting GmbH and Detia Degesch GmbH. Faminer OÜ is an official member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA).

Our services

Household pest control


Mole control


Destruction of microorganisms (Covid-19 control)


Warehouse disinsection

Wood protection

Dry rot and mould control

Rodent control


Treatment of grain with k-obiol

Cereals and organic cereals

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Faminer OÜ offers one-time pest control contract as well as long-term control contract that can be adjusted to your needs and wishes. 

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