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Dry rot control consists of several stages. First, it must be determined whether it really is dry rot or some other wood-decomposing fungus. The surest way is to have the fungal species determined in the laboratory. After determining the fungal species, the following should be done:

– determining the size of the damaged area

– removal and disposal of damaged parts

– in the case of a wooden floor, removal of the soil under the floor

– heat treatment of damaged surfaces (not wooden surfaces)

– after heat treatment, the damaged surfaces are treated with a special chemical(s)

– in wooden buildings, it may be necessary to replace the foundations with new foundations

If you suspect that your living or household space has been damaged by dry rot, contact us.


In mould control, it is important to start with the cause of the problem, i.e. the original source, where and why the problem started. Once these have been identified, the affected room(s) must be isolated from other non-contaminated rooms. In contaminated rooms, the affected surfaces must be treated with a special chemical, allowing the chemical to work, and then physically removing the mould and ventilating the treated room.

When performing the work, wear a protective suit, rubberised gloves and a full face mask equipped with appropriate filters.

If you need help with mould removal, feel free to contact Faminer OÜ.

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